Monday, September 17, 2018

A complete 1-year Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

With each passing day, technology is going to the next level. Similarly, the treating process of infertility is no more the same. Infertility these days is not a big matter of concern because infertility treatments have become much advanced than it was years ago. There are several options available for the couples. The latest medical improvements like hysteroscopy and laparoscopy procedures have a pretty much high success rate.

Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine Tamilnadu


Training in Reproductive Medicine

Here are the reasons why you should take training in Reproductive Medicines:
  • To get an in-depth knowledge on all the aspects of the IVF treatment which includes the pre-treatment evaluation, testing and after surgery measures. Through this treatment, one can gain full knowledge about the economic and ethical implications of the popular IVF treatment.
  • Established IVF practitioners can take this course to enhance their skills in the infertility field.
  • Also, beginners can gain knowledge about the advancement in the IVF treatment that has taken place in the last few years.
  • One can get practical experience of the treatment process through live videos. Students who are perusing this course can visit the operating rooms to have a practical experience for ultra sounds, embryo transfer and oocyte recovery.

Tenure of the Course

It is a one-year fellowship of reproductive medicine that is given to both beginners and established IVF practitioners.

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre- The ultimate destination

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre is providing a 1-year Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine Tamilnadu. Our aim is to create an atmosphere where young gynaecologists and medical students can learn everything about the advanced infertility treatments. With a compact and crisp syllabus, we are providing this course for students and practitioners who want to enhance their skills further.

Every guidelines, regulations & protocol related to the IVF treatment is given to the students so that they can have a good command in this field. Practical experiences are also given to the students in order to gain real-life experience. 

If you are interested, apply now for the course at our official website and get associated with the best Infertility Training Center Tamilnadu.
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